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8 January 2019

Last pre-alpha release

by @SpaceboyRoss01

Hello, BlueLight version 0.1.9-prealpha has just been released at the time I’m writing this post. I’m happy to say that the pre-alpha releases are done and we’ll be going into the alpha stage of development. Suggestions for new features are now being accepted and the team will try our best implementing those features. For the beta stage, we’ll get to that when the time comes. Also, we plan to have a PPC (PowerPC) port of BlueLight but we’re gonna get started on that later this year. The ARM version currently has been halted until further notice due to the ARM port of Arch Linux having some issues with networking and once the issue has been resolved then the development will continue. That’s it for the new release and the pre-alpha stage, I hope everyone continues supporting BlueLight so that it may be seen as a very capable operating system once it’s fully done.