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20 December 2018

Version 0.1.5-prealpha has been released

by @SpaceboyRoss01

Hello, and today I’ve released the next version of BlueLight known as 0.1.5-prealpha and there’s many things that have been done and what I’ve had to do to get it working due to bugs. First the new Writing application has been added so now you can open .doc type files. The installer has been added and now it’s entirely possible to install BlueLight to your computer. I’ve done many tests and the operating system is completly stable in VirtualBox. The final thing that I’ve done to the update was make it so it’s using the new name instead of the former name (OS.js Linux). I also ask that if anyone has the ability to create a splash screen image, it’d be appreciated if someone would make a new once since @fire219 is being lazy and I don’t want to pay any money to get more images. That’s it for the new release, I hope everyone continues supporting BlueLight so that it may be seen as a very capable operating system once it’s fully done.